Home of Westwood Women's Lacrosse

Welcome to the official home of Westwood Women’s Lacrosse! As proud representatives of Westwood High School, our team embodies the spirit of determination, teamwork, and sportsmanship. With a passion for the game and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we strive to push our boundaries and reach new heights both on and off the field. Here, you’ll find the latest updates, game schedules, player profiles, and a glimpse into the camaraderie that fuels our success. Join us in celebrating the rich tradition of Westwood lacrosse as we continue to make strides and leave our mark in the world of high school girls’ lacrosse. ‘Sko Wood!

Junior Varsity

About our program

Welcome to the Westwood Women’s Lacrosse program – a decade of excellence in the making. As a “club sport,” our journey is distinct, operating outside the bounds of UIL sports in Texas. Sustained entirely by our dedicated players and parents, Westwood Women’s Lacrosse is a testament to the power of community. We adhere rigorously to UIL guidelines, ensuring fair play and eligibility. Your contributions play a pivotal role, supporting essentials like uniforms, tournaments, referees, equipment, field rentals, coaching, and medical staff. Our battleground stretches across the Georgetown – San Antonio corridor, culminating in a spirited two-day College Station tournament. Within the Central Texas High School Lacrosse League, our battles against 19 schools define our fierce spirit. The rhythm of our year involves fall conditioning and stick skills from October to early January, with 2-3 scrimmage matches. Spring ushers in our official season, spanning late January to April’s end, with an anticipated 12-15 games. Join us in this dynamic journey, where passion meets purpose on the lacrosse field.

All of our home games will be livestreamed this season through Hudl TV!!! Please share this link with friends and family.  https://fan.hudl.com/usa/tx/austin/organization/5065/westwood-high-school

A huge thank you to our sponsors

We would like to wholeheartedly thank our sponsors. We are proud of their commitment to improve the quality of life for the kids and families of North Austin. They are not only our sponsors but our partners in helping grow the sport of lacrosse in North Austin and helping our organization teach life lessons through the oldest sport in America. They are helping us build happy and healthy young people who are actively engaged in their community in positive ways. We encourage the Westwood Community to patronize these businesses and recommend them to friends and family.

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